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  • EYFS Salt Pool
    Our youngest pupils had a lovely day at the Salt Pool.
  • Picasso Class
    In Picasso Class this week we had our ‘Helping Hands’ session.
  • Survival Workshop
    To support our learning with our current topic, year 2 this week have experienced a 'Survival Workshop' run by Mr and Mrs Cook. It was so fun, we even got to make a campfire on the field! We learnt lots of skills about how to survive in the wild.
  • Weeding Warriors
    Yr 4/5 have been busy weeding & watering the Nature garden during this hot weather. The garden is looking great and will be more accessible to the whole school.
  • Maths Murder Mysteries
    Yr 6 continue to practise their maths skills by taking part in investigations and problem solving activities. This week we have been solving Maths Murder Mysteries.
  • Boat making
    On Friday afternoon EYFS and KS1 joined together to make boats. The boats had to float and be able to hold an object. The children had fun making the boats and testing them in water. Jordan helped attach masts and sails for us.
  • Sports Day
    Friday 22nd June we held our annual sport day. For the first time we had the whole school competing together in the morning. Very well organised and enjoyed by all.
  • Penny race
    I would like to thank everyone who supported the event by saving coins or helping the children on the day. A massive £528.11 was raised for the school with an additional £60 for Cancer research.
  • Picasso, Monet, Klee and Matisse classes enjoy a visit from the Mobile Zoo.
    Children in EYFS and KS1 have had a fantastic morning learning about different small animals during a visit from the Mobile Zoo.
  • The Daily Mile.
    This week we have started our 'Daily Mile'.
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