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We know that there are times when a child needs extra support at school. We offer children support to maximise their ability to learn. We differentiate work so that children can experience success. By teaching in different ways the children can learn in a way that suits them best. We use a range of resources, including computing, games and specialised books to focus on the personalised needs of your child and work with you to encourage confidence and build self-esteem. In consultation with parents we may place children on our SEN register. We continue to work with parents, psychologists, SEN support teachers, speech therapists, school nurse and doctor, educational welfare officers, child and family guidance centres, Social Services and specialists dealing with specific conditions. Pupils who require additional support that can’t be met through Quality First Teaching will have a personalised ‘One Plan’ written for them. This may include advice from outside agencies. We also identify and support children who show particular talent in both curricular and non curricular areas.