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Welcome to Mondrian class year 5

28th May

A fantastic time was had by all during our drumming workshop.

25th May 

We explored South American food. We became food critics for an afternoon and had lots of fun trying and reviewing news tastes 

21st May

We had great fun today learning some ballroom and Latin dance moves.

19th May

In RE we are exploring key events that are celebrated within different religions. Working in groups, we've researched rites of passage and are preparing a presentation for the rest of the class.

12th March

We have been researching rainforests and worked in small groups to make layered collages

10th March

In Science we have been looking at four processes, freezing, melting, evaporation and condensation. We did this by carrying out some fun experiments

11th November 

Remembrance day

5th November 

We used the features of an explanation text to organise information into paragraphs

23rd October


Making a Mayan headdress

20th October

We researched one of the eight planets in our solar system and then created a PowerPoint to present our findings

13th October

Getting arty  creating our Christmas cards


8th October

Acting out the Mayan story of the hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque