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Welcome to Picasso Class

Mrs Gough and Mrs Griffiths


18th October 2021

The children used spoons to scoop out the flesh and seeds from inside the pumpkin. They used their noticing skills and lots of language to describe what they could see, feel and smell - hard, wet, cold, freezing, slimy, sticky, orange, big, two, hole, seeds. Some children suggested that we could plant the seeds and grow some pumpkins. Other children talked about eating the pumpkin and seeds.
Quite a few of them thought it was yucky and didn’t like it!

7th October 2021

We have spent some time in the nature garden today to see how many different things we could see.

16th September 2021

We were visited by Neil the fire education officer today. He talked about how people help us.

September 2021

We have really enjoyed our first few weeks at Tollesbury School. These are some of the things we have already experienced.